In order to be considered a classic, a stage piano needs to have a superb keyboard action, inspiring sounds, expressive controls, and a selection of convenient, original features. But it also needs to look the part. A profes-sional instrument demands first-class materials, rock-solid build quality, and a distinctive, cultured design that inspires the player to perform.

The MP7SE delivers on all three counts, with a stylish external appearance that validates the premium technology underneath. From the reinforced base and metal chassis, to the ebony polish side-arms and ivory-like key surfaces, the MP7SE defines outstanding quality. The result is an instrument that looks and feels every bit as professional as it sounds and plays.


Sitting down at the MP7SE, players will immediately realise that it’s something special. The grand piano-like ebony polish side arms, the sight of their own hands reflecting in the tall front board, and the authority of a family name that has been building exceptional pianos for over 90 years.

Kawai’s award-winning design team believe that the exterior appearance of an instrument is just as important as the intricate mechanisms inside. This philosophy remains true for acoustic grand and upright pianos, home-oriented digital pianos, and for professional stage pianos such as the MP7SE. The goal is to give the cabinet a character and identity, so that it can be appreciated as a musical instrument, rather than simply disregarded as a square box that holds a collection of parts.

But great design should also have a functional value. For the MP7SE, this takes the form of larger panel printing and an angled LCD for improved legibility, both when sitting and standing at the instrument. Rear jack and connector labels are also re-printed on the top panel, ensuring a more efficient setup before live performances. And when using USB memory regularly, players will surely appreciate the value of placing the port on the front of the instrument, rather than needing to fumble around the back.

Effective, ergonomic design features that assist musicians, and complement the MP7SE’s cultured, stylish appearance.


“I aimed to create an attractive, professional-looking instrument that musicians would feel proud to own and play.”
Henda-san, Product DesignerFULL INTERVIEW


With nearly nine decades of knowledge and experience in producing world-class acoustic pianos, Kawai engineers certainly understand how to build a strong, high-quality instrument that can stand-up to years of serious playing.

The MP7SE adopts the same principles as its acoustic piano cousins, with a sturdy construction and first-class materials ensuring rock-solid reliability. No corners were cut, nor were any economical sacrifices made in order to shave a few pounds or skimp on production costs.

Wheels, knobs, and faders move with silky-smooth consistency, while the generously sized panel buttons depress with a satisfying and reassuring click.

The class-leading Responsive Hammer III keyboard action is mounted on a reinforced wooden base, which is securely fastened to the instrument’s steel and aluminium chassis. There is no flimsy plastic to creak under pressure, or warp and skew when lifted – this is a professional’s tool, not a child’s toy.

The result of this ‘no compromises’ approach is a rugged, yet handsome stage piano that remains stable and firm throughout even the most thunderous, fortissimo passages. Perhaps more importantly, it instils a confidence within musicians that their chosen instrument is built to last, and will remain with them for years to come, allowing them to simply sit back and enjoy every performance.


“The MPs are professional instruments,
so we did not want to make any sacrifices.”
Aotani-san, Project LeaderFULL INTERVIEW

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